Oddspedia Widgets usage requirements

Dear Webmasters, as you already know, you can use our widgets completely free of charge. However, as a company, we value our brand and in return we want a data provider attribution. We would like to inform you that it is your obligation to comply with the following requirements if you want to continue using our products.

Visible text “Data powered by Oddspedia"
Article with 1 do-follow link 

The Webmaster shall place at least 1 do-follow link to https://oddspedia.com, linked from any URL inside the domain. This URL can be an already existing page or a new one, it is entirely up to the Webmaster’ choice. The anchor text with the link must, if possible, be "Oddspedia" or in close relation to the Company's services. The Webmaster has 14 days upon widget activation to comply with this agreement.

You can add and verify your article link on your Account Settings >>

Тhe link must contain the original URL of your website to be verified successfully if you did not enter it correctly you will receive a notification with the text, the link was not verified successfully.

A tool will automatically check if the Webmaster has met the above criteria. If they are not, the Webmaster will have 14 days to meet those requirements. After this period, the widgets will start to display a visible warning message, but still, be functional. All webmasters will have the ability to manually check if all requirements are met. This is possible via the manual crawl functionality.