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We are excited to present you with our Oddspedia Webmaster Widgets. They are a game-changer for sports betting affiliates and publishers allowing them to increase their revenue, so try them now completely for free!


Boost your editorial content by covering all of the major leagues` valuable data and merging it with high-quality statistics. The Oddspedia Standings widget is more than just numbers about teams. The concept of standard standings is supported by additional data and features now.

The widget supports different banner sizes and can be configured for responsive use, ensuring it looks great on various devices and screen sizes.

Users can easily assess each team's performance in the last 5 games, with information on overall, home, and away matches. Matches won, drawn or lost are highlighted with different colours, allowing the users to have a clear idea about a team's form status as easily as possible.


You have the flexibility to showcase which team performs better on the road or has turned its home ground into a fortress. Utilizing each setting as a parameter, you can initially display home or away standings.

If the teams are divided into divisions or conferences in a tournament such as NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB, there will be multiple standings for a single tournament. Our advanced navigation options allow you to display all of these standings in a single widget for enhanced user convenience.

Set your preferred league and optionally the number of teams you want to display.


Oddspedia aims to provide the best sports coverage with information for all events available for betting at bookmakers. The widgets cover more than 30 sports and more than 8000 competitions in various levels of detail. We update our comprehensive worldwide sports coverage daily and share it freely with publishers via our raw data API and Widgets. Oddspedia gives you the opportunity to build a compelling sports page with real time betting information. Oddspediawidgets are designed to satisfy all sport fans by providing real time information and engaging visuals while being completely customizable and optimized for all devices and platforms. And on top of that all of our services are free!
  • Football
    • 800+ Leagues & Cups
    • 80+ Countries
    • 14 Languages
    • 80+ Bookmakers
    • 5 Widgets
  • Basketball
    • 800+ Leagues & Cups
    • 80+ Countries
    • 14 Languages
    • 80+ Bookmakers
    • 5 Widgets
  • Tennis
    • 600+ Leagues & Cups
    • 80+ Countries
    • 14 Languages
    • 80+ Bookmakers
    • 5 Widgets
  • Ice Hockey
    • 150+ Leagues & Cups
    • 80+ Countries
    • 14 Languages
    • 80+ Bookmakers
    • 5 Widgets



Oddspedia has been helping us to develop better customer experiences. With their highly competent and dedicated teams, they proved to be a trusted partner for our digital innovation projects.


Did not believe how easy it is to set it up. It literally took me 15 minutes from registering to embedding a widget on my site. Beautiful and functional at the same time. Thanks!


I stumbled across Oddspedia widgets when I was looking for ways to implement odds for the tips site I have. This is one of my best finds yet, saved me a lot of time and probably cash. A lot of customization options too, it just fits in perfectly.


Our website is dedicated to sports betting fans and we always want to give them the best. As betting experts we chose Oddspedia to power our odds comparison section. We have been very happy using your products for quite a while now, both data API and widgets work great.


The Oddspedia API exceeded expectations. Livescores are updated in real-time and so much sport is covered. There are football leagues I have never heard of. Also the customer support in making the integration was exceptional. 


Нашият уебсайт е посветен на феновете на спортните залагания и ние винаги искаме да им предоставим най-доброто. Като експерти по залаганията избрахме Oddspedia да захранва нашия раздел за сравнение на коефициентите. От доста време насам сме много доволни от използването на вашите продукти, както API за данни, така и уиджетите работят чудесно.


API на Oddspedia надхвърли очакванията ни. Коефициентите се актуализират в реално време и обхващат толкова много спортове. Има футболни лиги, за които не съм чувал. Също така поддръжката на клиентите при осъществяването на интеграцията беше изключителна. 

  • Prematch odds update in real time
  • Live odds update 5 seconds
  • Bookmakers 80+
  • Languages 14
  • Betting markets 130
  • Sports 36
  • widgets 5
  • Odds history yes
  • Earn Money

    Take advantage of the affiliate link share, which gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue via the odds comparison widgets. You can put your own affiliate links in the widget configuration and we will share the clicks. Enjoy full transparency of the traffic and clicks,manage your bookmaker partner selection,have a clear overview of the domains and preferences set and the ability to create campaigns.


    For each operator, Webmaster can add own referral links to the widget (“Webmaster referral links”, henceforth), after which all clicks on links to those operators with an added Webmaster referral link, will be randomly split by the Company upon generation. The split of those clicks will be 50-50 between the Oddspedia and the Webmaster. Webmaster will instantly and for as long as the service is used on any (sub-)page, place a sitewide, visible “No-Follow link” to in the Footer which contains the Oddspedia Logo + easily readable and visible text 'Data powered by Oddspedia' which has to follow the design as embedded in the iframe. The Oddspedia logo for Footer implementation can be downloaded from the Company's website under the following URL:


    Oddspedia Widgets and API Data feeds are 100% free - no hidden fees. We don’t ask for anything but to make punters and publishers satisfied and become acquainted with the Oddspedia brand.


    Add sports data information to your website within a couple of minutes. Integrate our sports widget into your digital platform quickly and reliably. All you have to do is to set-up your profile, grab a widget and copy & paste on your site.

  • Fully Customizable

    Widgets are both visually and content data customizable. Choose from predefined modules and settings to fit the needs and increase the quality of your websites. They can blend in seamlessly with the design of your site and provide just the right data you want. It’s up to you.

  • Build your own Product

    Both our widgets and sports data API are made customizable to fulfill webmaster needs. Our sports data API,serving as a data stream to the widgets,have proved itself with speed, accuracy and reliability for our users. By using the data available you are able to create your own pages with sport fixtures and events.

  • Customer Support

    We are always here for you. We want to ensure a seamless integration process. If you have any questions at any time - send us a message and we would be happy to assist.


Oddspedia Sports Data API servers fixtures and results for multiple sports. Sport updates are pushed in real time to provide the most recent and reliable information. Our feed structure has been optimized to reduce development time and gives you the opportunity to handle the data to fit your needs. Our Sports API is top of the line service with long term support, zero downtimes and zero costs.


Our sports data feed aim to have the most comprehensive coverage on the market. The available portfolio of sports will please any sports punter.

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • eSports
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • American Football
more feeds
  • Aussie Rules
  • Badminton
  • Bandy
  • Baseball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bowls
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Curling
  • Darts
  • Field Hockey
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Pesapallo
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Squash
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Polo


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